Primark launches website to promote its ethical practices

27 06 2008

In a bid to improve its reputation and brand image, Primark has launched a website to promote its ethical practices. The Panorama programme, aired on the BBC, alleged that the garments sold by Primark were made in sweatshops employing child labour in India. Primarklater announced that it had terminated contracts with suppliers shown in the programme and is since trying to build up confidence amongst its customers. In a time where consumers are cutting their spending, the last thing that Primark needs is bad reputation.

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Ethical Primark:

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3 responses

6 12 2009

kan er geen website worden gegeven van primark aub!!!!!!!!!!
xoxox you know you love me

18 04 2010
Anthony Bounds


We have an artical written by one of our registered members and the piece needs a picture – do you own copyright of a Primark store image?

I’d take one myself but the neaest one is 75 miles away!

Hope you can help


23 04 2010

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Unfortunately I do not own the copyright for the Primark image, I found it online via the Google Image Search.

Best of luck.

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